Minecraft Javascript Edition

Not the worst version of minecraft i've seen, much better then the unity clones on most of these gaming sites.. Is it something i'd play everyday? No.. But if I was just looking for something to mess around with on a windows xp/chromebook, this would be perfect

the controls use the basic "W,A,S,D" to move, and the "mouse/trackpad" to look around, to open the "all blocks" menu, you need to click "E" while in that menu go ahead and click the "Enter" or on mac, the "Return" button.. and it will give you some new blocks (aka stairs, half blocks) "Z" will allow you to zoom in and last but not least "L" will allow you to go into spectator mode


  • Mac: 10.11+, Chrome/Safari/Firefox
  • Windows: Not Tested

    Launch now, on santana!

  • Click this! /Very Low-End, Single player only, Javascript

    Other versions

  • Click this! /Multiplayer only :( 1.8.8
  • Click this!/Works on most commputers! single & multiplayer, + Lan, 1.5.2

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