Welcome to santana :)

My collection of random stuff, It's kind of a lot but I hope you enjoy!!


  • Click this! /Multiplayer only :( 1.8.8
  • Click this! /Works on most commputers! single & multiplayer, + Lan, 1.5.2
  • View game page /Very Low-End, Single player only, Javascript

    Quick Draw!

  • View game page /Multiplayer drawing game, it's quick

    Among Us

  • Click this! /Much better then I thought it'd be

    Doodle Jump

  • View game page /I've spent way too long on this


    Communities are places where players can come together and post comments/talk about games.

    To manage the chaotic nature of the internet (including the comment section) communities often use one or more of the following methods:

    • Moderators - Mostly Volunteers
    • Bots - Machinery Slaves
    • rediquette/rules - Obey them or get banned

    Need help?

    if your having a problem with the santana website or can't remeber your santag password, send me a message on twitter and I might be able to help! :) @Ax_Leaked

    Minnesota <3